Today's story isn't really fictional or crazy but is something I experienced. It was very silly of me to think that we were moving past the gender-biased society, but after this experience that I went through, I don't think we are even close!

Recently I had to give a Physical…

There’s a legend about this particular taxi that looks like a normal taxi. It is black and yellow like all the other taxies, but the driver never shows their face. It is said that this taxi doesn’t take you where you want to go, but where you need to go…

So many stories to be told,

And so many to hold,

Life is such a mix of beautiful and bold.

My love for people and their company,

Presents me perspectives many.

Penning them down will keep memories alive,

And help me spread happiness as I deep dive.

This is just a short poem I wrote. I couldn't think of a great title so if you have any ideas ….let me know in the comments. Hope you liked it!

I was surrounded by greenery. There was no other soul to be seen.I was in the middle of nowhere with my brother. He was scared. I could hear his heart pumping so loud as if it were to blast through his chest. His hands were sweaty and he was squeezing…

The Bizarre blogger

We All Have A Story To Tell

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