Are we still living in the 1950s ?

Today's story isn't really fictional or crazy but is something I experienced. It was very silly of me to think that we were moving past the gender-biased society, but after this experience that I went through, I don't think we are even close!

Recently I had to give a Physical Training exam in my school, it was online of course. Five boys and five girls were chosen at a time to do particular exercises. My group of five girls and boys had to do push-ups, squats and jumping jacks. I know this all seems normal but the part that has me frustrated is when our sir told the girls to do “half squats” and “girl/modified pushups” and the boys were told to do “full squats” and “proper pushups”. I was furious when I heard him say that! I wish I had done or said something but like the other girls, I stood there speechless. Either the school should have given half squats and modified pushups to everyone or no one. Why call it girl pushups? Why be gender-biased? Why accept the fact that girls can't do it without giving them a chance?

This hasn't been a problem only at my school but almost all across the world. We are all accepting things without actually seeing them ourselves. We are literally believing the fact that girls can’t do it and boys are always going to be stronger, have more strength etc. They are creating the next gender-biased society. This is not the only time, that I have seen gender biases.

Whenever I go and play basketball with my friends. I hear guys giving comments like “Leave it to the pros” or “ Go play with your dolls”. All I have done is ignore them but now I think it's time I speak up!

There are many more examples like these that show gender biases still exists and I can go on and on but I think I should stop here. I would like it if all of you could pause for a minute and think if we are still living in the 1950s where women are apparently not strong and fast and powerful enough as men or in 2021 where women should be treated equally as strong, powerful and fast as men because they are. Women and men are the same just because they have different features they shouldn't be differentiated.

let me know what is your opinion in the comments :)!

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